Tips from the art of living: razors

Hi, Shinnfans,

I know you all come here to read the meaningful content (or see pictures of Liam), but I thought I’d pass on a tip that’s been really useful: dry your razors when you’re finished with them.  Whether your shave your face, legs, or wherever, we can all benefit from better and longer-lasting razors.  I’ve found that drying my razor when I’m finished shaving keeps it sharper and makes it last at least twice as long.  This also means that you shouldn’t store your razors in the shower (ahem).  I use a regular bath towel to dry my razor.  Do you do this already?  Leave a comment and let me know if it’s working for you.  OR try it out and leave a comment with your razor-drying experiences.

Live well,


(props to, where I first read this tip)

One thought on “Tips from the art of living: razors

  1. I totally dry my razors now, ALL BECAUSE OF MR. SHINN. He told me to a while ago, I don’t remember why. Probably because he’s bossy in person! Have you guys ever met him in real life? He’s nothing like he is on a nice photo shoot or in a friendly blog post about razors. But it is, nonetheless, good advice about the razors.

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