Liam in his Halloween Costume – Photos AND Video!

Here are some photos AND a video from Liam’s Mouse Shoot.  He LOVES his new Halloween costume, so we thought we’d debut it a day early.  Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Liam in his Halloween Costume – Photos AND Video!

  1. Amanda says:

    I love the pictures — what a great costume! I wish Liam could come T n’ T at my house. I don’t get anyone.

  2. Grandma Mitzi says:

    Hi Liam: You can be a mouse at my house and I will have a big piece of cheese ready for you. Who needs candy when you can have cheese. Lisa and Andrew: What a darling little mouse and of course you made that costume, right Lisa!!!!!!. Papa and I really enjoyed this video. Send more soon. Love and Blessings, Mitzi

  3. Mom S. says:

    Hi Liam, We love it when you dress up like a mouse. You know, there is a book about a mouse that your dad used to like when he was your age! Papa will read it to you next time we see you! We love you! Have a great time when you dress up like a mouse! Love, Grammie and Papa Shinn

  4. Miss Rachel/Mrs. Rachel (depending on if it's Andrew or Lisa talking to Liam) says:

    He is so sweet it almost made me cry! I love that kid! And, Lisa, you are great at capturing him on “film” (Andrew, I’m sure you are too, but I think Lis took these ones).


  5. alyssa miller says:

    aw these are the cutest pictures ever!!! the video almost made me cry it was so cute! aw the little mouse costume was so adorable…and i didnt know you guys are expecting a second child??? congrats! do we know who he or she will be?

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