7 thoughts on “Seattle Church Plant”

  1. Andrew, I love the video!! Very informative, very effective, pleasant and easy to listen.. One suggestion: I’m not sure how widespread this clip will be shown. You might want to include the website of the church at the end in case someone is serious about giving to this very awesome churchplant. I love the production and I love seeing the passion of those wiling to move to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! Mom

  2. Well done, Andrew! What editing software do you use? Nice lighting, too.
    p.s. I thought the music was a little bit loud…

  3. Thanks for the feedback, big R. I’ve had some really experienced video people tell me I should have used music without lyrics. Now I know for next time! I used iMovie HD the second-to-most-recent version.

  4. You lighting style as always is Pro. Did you make this on your new Mac? Love your passion and hunger for quality. Nicely done!

    Oh and how many takes did you do? Gotta shake out those nerves but not get them tired.

    I miss you Reedley folk.

  5. Thanks, Jim! Yep, I made this on my Mac laptop. Good point about the number of takes – sounds like you’ve done some video production! We did about two takes for each questions that Dusty answered. He’s a surprisingly good speaker.

    Nice to hear from you!

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