3 thoughts on “Jesus is President

  1. Miss Rachel/Mrs. Rachel (depending on if it's Andrew or Lisa talking to Liam) says:

    Is your friend a cute blond? Can I have his number? Will you tell him I like him? 🙂

  2. JRS says:

    For clarification, the above is not my wife asking for this information! She already has a cute blonde. It’s the OTHER Rachel. 🙂


  3. John Warkentin says:

    Hi! Just wanting to wish you a blessed birthday today…

    In my other email to you today I asked about setting up a time to work on the blog next week. (I do feel that how you use Flickr to create slide shows is very nice. I’d like to do that for my still photos while on my trips etc.) Can you show me how to do this and imbed it into my blog? This would be very helpful to my site!


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