Movie Review – Amazing Grace

Lisa and I watched Amazing Grace (newer movie – it was in theaters a few months ago) last night. It was a great, truly enjoyable movie. It tells the story of William Wilberforce in England about the time of our revolutionary war. Wilberforce fought long and hard to abolish slavery within the British Empire. His pastor was John Newton, who wrote Amazing Grace (the hymn). Wilberforce was a man motivated by faith and haunted by the specter of slavery.

It was nice to see Hollywood portray a man of deep and reckless faith in a true and legitimate (instead of mocking) light. It was also nice to finish watching an enjoyable movie and not have to repent of enjoying something morally objectionable. This movie is highly recommended, and may make its way into our small collection.

UPDATE – My favorite quote from the movie: “I remember two things very clearly; I’m a great sinner and Christ is a great saviour.” – John Newton

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