Washington Day 1 pics

These aren’t all that exciting, but here are the first day pictures. We had a wonderful meal last night at McCormick and Schmick’s with some of the folks from the Fresno Council of Government. It’s a really fun group, and I think they’ll make this a very enjoyable and productive trip.

Today (Sunday), we have an almost entirely free day to do sightseeing. Should be fun!

At the coast!

Lisa, Liam, baby X and I are at the coast until Friday. We’re meeting with and shooting high school senior clients here. We’ll also take some time and do a little reading and relaxing. Look for a few good blog posts, including:

  • A current listing of Liam’s vocabulary (to the best of our recollection)
  • What Andrew’s reading now
  • Lots of cool coastal photos 🙂