All Clara, All the Time!

So, our blog used to be the Andrew and Lisa blog. (Hence the url,*) Then it turned into the All Liam, All the Time blog. I guess Liam still makes the occasional cameo, but now we’re into All Clara, All the Time mode!

Today’s special feature on Clara includes the ADORABLE christening gown Grandma Mitzi made for her dedication this Sunday. Lisa and I had lots of fun taking these pictures while Clara jabbered at us and threatened to fall off her various perches.

Enjoy the pictures,

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New Liam/Clara pictures

Clara is now three weeks old. She opens her eyes a lot more these days and holds her head up well. Liam is adjusting well to having a little sister, and loves to say hi to Clara. He sometimes calls her ‘pretty girl’, which he learned from Daddy. He likes to hold her hand.

Liam’s favorite activities:

  • Playing the drums (He calls himself ‘nummer boy’)
  • Entertaining people. He’ll do anything for a laugh.
  • Riding his new scooter. He’s not very fast yet, and we’re thankful for that.
  • Playing with little people (whom he calls baby people).

Clara’s favorite activities:

  • Pooping
  • Grunting
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Pooping (yes, she does it so much that it deserves both spots on this list)
  • Laying on her tummy

Pictures of Liam – bathtime and tool time

Liam loves bathtime!

This kid really loves bath time! I’d love taking baths if I had cool rubber duckies like that, too.

Daddy shows Liam how to use a hammer
“Liam, this is a man-toy. You’ll grow up to love it. Maybe we’ll get you a little one some time,” daddy says by way of gender-typing his progeny.