Photoshop: Also good for making international relations just a little bit scarier

Here’s an interesting story from the New York Times: Iran’s state news agency apparently Photoshopped an extra missle into a threatening-looking picture they released of a recent missle launch.  There were four missles, but only three of them fired.  What a horrible dillemma!  What a PR failure!  Iran’s answer: just use Photoshop.  Never trust anything you see, folks!

Photoshop for free – online!

Okay, this is a little geeky for, but I had to put it out there. Many of you know that I love Photoshop, and I know that many of you don’t.  There are two reasons people don’t use Photoshop:

  1. It’s hard.
  2. It’s expensive.   Most people don’t want to shell out 600 Big Ones just to try software that’s probably too complicated, anyway.

Well, with Adobe’s new announcement of Photoshop Express, a whole new world of free, super-easy photo editing and sharing is available for the masses. And that includes you. There’s nothing at stake, you should try it. You should try it now. Just click here!