Reedley Fiesta Art Show entry

Hi, Shinnfans,

It’s time for another game of ‘Shinnfans choose something really important for me.’  No, I’m not turning over naming rights for our next baby.  Instead, I’d like to solicit your opinion on an art piece I plan to enter in the Reedley Fiesta Art Show Oct 11.  I have one piece picked out, and it’s a piece I refuse to put online.  I’ll only show it in person.  But I’m allowed two submissions, and I’d like to have YOU take a look at my alternatives and vote for your favorite.  Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment on this post with your vote

That’s the only rule.  Feel free to discuss the relative merits of the pieces and explain your choice.  I’ll take it all into account.



Another Blog

I’ve tried this before.  There was a Shinn Photo blog awhile back, but it didn’t have a very well-defined concept and suffered from a lack of meaningful content.  I trashed it after a while.  Since then, photographers have gone crazy with client-side blogs, and I’ve happily decided to rip off the general idea and make a client-facing blog with photos and my professional writings.  For now, you can see it at  It’s taking the place of my regular site while I get a new main web site online.  Eventually, I expect it to end up at  Let me know if you’re likely to read it!



Senior Portraits at the beach

This afternoon, we were shooting with a senior brother and sister set, Adam and Alyssa, in Morro bay. It was a mid-day shoot in Cayucos and near Morro Rock. The harsh sun was challenging, but we managed with a lot of help from Lisa and their mom and a few lighting tricks. Thanks for a fun afternoon, Adam and Alyssa!

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Beach photos part I

Here are a few photos from last night’s evening expedition to the beach. E-mail me if you’d like a copy of any of then printed really large on canvas (and signed by the artist)!

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Jeff and Lil’s Wedding

Lisa and I were privileged to shoot Jeff an Lil’s wedding today. It was a simple, elegant wedding at Rob and Sarah Jackson’s house next to the Kings River. We enjoyed this special day, and we wish the happy couple God’s blessings on their marriage!

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