Names we won’t use with our next child

When we tell people we’re execting a child, they ask a few questions:

1) Are you going to find out the child’s gender? and 2) Do you have any names picked out?

Here are our answers: 1) We’re not sure yet and 2) Not really.

While we don’t have any names picked out, we DO have a list of names we won’t be using.  Here’s our list, but feel free to leave a few of your own “please don’t use that name” names.

  • Aiden
  • Braden
  • Caden
  • Jaden
  • Hayden
  • Faden
  • Any variant of those previous names
  • Hector (Lisa doesn’t want me to use this one)
  • Liam
  • Andrew
  • Lisa
  • Greta (already taken)
  • Rachel
  • Jonathan
  • Mopsy
  • Flopsy
  • Cottontail
  • Gage
  • Donatello
  • Poindexter