Music Review: Matt Wertz

So I got an e-mail from’s MP3 store today saying that they have special deals in music, including some free music.  I’ve used Amazon’s MP3 store a lot, and I like that they sell cheap, DRM-free music.

So I logged in and found that Matt Wertz, a young musician from Liberty City, Missouri, was giving away a 7-song EP album.  So I downloaded it, and it’s really enjoyable music.  It’s very acoustic and poppy with a blue undercurrent, and Matt has just enough edge and conviction in his voice to really shine over the instrumentals.

Thanks for the free songs, Matt.  As I listen to these 7, I really want to give something back.  So I’ll probably go out and pre-order his album as a way of saying thanks.  At the very least, I’m letting y’all know about his music.  Here’s a link to his site: