Reedley Fiesta

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And the winner is ….

Ok, so I counted your votes for which art print to enter in the Reedley Fiesta.  And here’s the good news: YOUR VOTES REALLY COUNTED.  You changed my mind as I considered which print to use.  I really appreciate your thoughtful responses.  And of course I’m flattered by the feedback you left.

Counting such thoughtful feedback presented a methodology problem, namely: how do I quantify your opinions and preferences to make an accurate data representation of your collective feelings?  Here’s what I decided to do: each person’s main vote (i.e. “I think you should enter this image…”) was assigned the weight of two votes.  Each secondary vote (i.e. “…but I also liked numbers 2 and 3”) was weighted with one vote.  Using this method, I used Google Docs and Spreadsheets to tally up your votes.  G Docs spit out a beautiful chart for me.  Without further ado (there’s been far too much ado about this point), here are the results:

Just for kicks, here’s a review of the photos again, so you can compare them with the results:

As I stated above, you truly did swing my decision on this issue. At first, I was only going to consider the Av Gas picture (#5, the last one) for submission. When it garnered no votes at all, I knew it was right out. The photo I would have chosen as my favorite was #3, the skyscape above Reedley. #1, the vineyard picture, which was taken east of Reedley near Orange Cove, would have been my third choice. Photo #2, taken at the beach, I judge to be a spectacular image. But for some reason it holds very little personal connection for me, so I just threw it in as a red herring to see if anyone would vote for it. Several people did.

That leaves image #4, the Water Tower picture. This would have been my second choice, but it was your overwhelming favorite. I realize that as both the artist and the blogger, I could have overridden your judgment. But I decided not to. I asked for your opinion, and you gave it to me in spades. It’s in honor of your effort and feedback that I chose this as my second entry in the Reedley Fiesta art show. Thank you, dear readers.

If you’re able, please stop by the Bank of America lobby in Reedley this weekend (Friday from 3pm – 9pm and Saturday from 9am – 5pm) to see this and my other art piece on display.

Reedley Fiesta Art Show entry

Hi, Shinnfans,

It’s time for another game of ‘Shinnfans choose something really important for me.’  No, I’m not turning over naming rights for our next baby.  Instead, I’d like to solicit your opinion on an art piece I plan to enter in the Reedley Fiesta Art Show Oct 11.  I have one piece picked out, and it’s a piece I refuse to put online.  I’ll only show it in person.  But I’m allowed two submissions, and I’d like to have YOU take a look at my alternatives and vote for your favorite.  Here are the rules:

  • Leave a comment on this post with your vote

That’s the only rule.  Feel free to discuss the relative merits of the pieces and explain your choice.  I’ll take it all into account.