All Clara, All the Time!

So, our blog used to be the Andrew and Lisa blog. (Hence the url,*) Then it turned into the All Liam, All the Time blog. I guess Liam still makes the occasional cameo, but now we’re into All Clara, All the Time mode!

Today’s special feature on Clara includes the ADORABLE christening gown Grandma Mitzi made for her dedication this Sunday. Lisa and I had lots of fun taking these pictures while Clara jabbered at us and threatened to fall off her various perches.

Enjoy the pictures,

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*Incidentally, you can also reach us at, if you prefer.

By popular demand – Liam photos

We were taking pictures of some friends’ kids and Liam was hanging around behind the studio with his cool Nalgene water bottle. Enjoy!

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You all love Liam pictures

I know you do, so here are a few more to enjoy.  Happy Friday!

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Liam wearing winter clothes

FYI, these pictures are also available on Flickr.

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Liam helping Daddy

Liam came to work the other day and ‘helped’ Daddy while he worked. Evidence below.

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