Clara’s One-Week Pictures

Clara is opening her eyes a little more these days. We took today (mostly) off work to spend time together as a family. We did, however, spend a little time in the studio making Clara’s one-week portraits. I’m happy to report that she, like her brother before her, does very well in front of the camera. Enjoy her first official portraits!
With love and pride,
Andrew + Lisa

Clara Marie: the Saga Continues

OK, friends, I’ve bowed to the pressure from all sides to keep posting pictures of my lovely daughter on the blog. If you want me to keep them coming, leave comments to let me know that. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll go back to posting about razors. Enjoy!

Clara pictures 2 – Update!

Here are a few more pictures of little Clara Marie! Many people have asked to see Liam and Clara together, and as they’re two of the brightest lights in my world, I’m happy to comply. Thank you all so much for your expressions of love, support and help. Pies are never turned down! Enjoy the photos!

Welcome Clara Marie Shinn!

Clara was born at 2:30 this morning, December 6. She weighed 7 pounds and 14 ounces, and measured 19.75 inches long. She’s got cute little jowls. 🙂 It was an extremely fast labor, with serious contractions starting at 12:45 am, and ending with Clara’s birth at 2:30 am! She latched on right away and started feeding well. She loves to suck on her hand, and there’s a little blister where she sucked on her hand in the womb. We look forward to getting to know this very welcome addition to our family! For anyone planning to visit my two girls in the hospital, visiting hours start around 10 or 11 am.

It’s interesting to note that Clara was delivered by Dr. Kroeker, whose father, Dr. Peters, delivered Liam.