New pictures of Liam and Clara!

They’re both growing so fast! Here are some pictures of our little walking girl and our little playful boy.

Liam is so playful these days, and is starting to see play as a worthy activity in itself, instead of something you do out of curiosity.  That’s really fun, until play time is over.

Clara is getting more fun all the time!  She loves to eat, and she really likes clothes.  She loves to put on shoes, hats and jackets.  Here are a few pictures from our most recent studio session with them!


Daddy (Andrew)

5 thoughts on “New pictures of Liam and Clara!”

  1. Beautiful children! just beautiful… thanks for sharing. We wish we could hold them in our arms and see their smiles! Love, GrammieGirl and Papa Shinn

  2. Thanks you soooooo much for these precious pictures. Nothing can take the place of seeing and holding them in person, but the pictures help a whole lot. You are so good about sending them to us. Keep ’em coming!!! Love and hugs to all 4 of you.

  3. Liam looks like Andrew! Clara looks like a lady! They both are adorable!

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