Break Time

Yesterday morning we went on a walk down the street–Liam on his scooter (with his helmet, of course), Clara in the front seat of the carriage and Maggie running alongside sniffing at smells that wafted her direction. It was quite a long even though we only went to the end of the street and back. By the time we got home, it was time to cool off and have a break. Liam wanted to take a break with his sippy cup of milk and his sandals close by. He also really wanted to be in the picture with Clara. He is a funny boy!

The picture of Clara by herself is the first time she held the sippy cup by herself. She was so proud of herself.

Her little personality is developing and it’s fun to watch the things she gets excited about, the places she randomly decides to stop and play, and her reactions to Liam. She’s learning to be patient with him when he takes the thing she’s playing with and Liam is learning how to have a toy ready to trade when he wants to take one away from her. Oh, the bumps and happy times of learning how to share!


5 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. Grammie Girl and Papa Shinn says:

    It is so fun to hear how the children are developing! Little angels, yes, little angels… We pray for them everyday by name. Love, GrammieGirl and Papa Shinn

  2. Grandma Mitzi says:

    Good Morning you darling little children and thank you Mommie for putting these pictures on line for our enjoyment. This is always such a delightful way to start the day. Hal le lu jah!!!!! We are blessed. Grandma Mitzi.

  3. Grandma Mitzi says:

    Incidentally – is that a little “TUFT” of hair on Clara’s head? time for a haircut. !!!!

  4. Im so glad you have NORMAL pictures up! LOL 🙂 I was beginning to think every picture you took was… well, super-normal! 🙂

  5. Ruth Fox says:

    That is awesome you are teaching your children to “trade!” I was at an occupational therapy conference over the weekend, and I attended a session on play and social skills for children. The speaker was saying that so many times, we try and teach children to “share,” but what that looks like is making the child give up a toy to another child, and then they are left with nothing. Not fair right? So he was talking about toy trading; much more effective! Well done!

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