5 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Day 3”

  1. Thanks! Heather, I’m here with the Fresno County Council of Governments (www.fresnocog.org). Ostensibly, I’m here on vacation. In reality, I’m here with my mother-in-law, who’s the mayor of our small town (Reedley, Calif.). My trip is being paid for with private monies, not by taxpayers. I’m doing speechwriting, political coaching, and taking photos for release to the press back home. So I’ve been doing a mix of sightseeing and helping out when needed. The political stuff is definitely more interesting, but the sightseeing is more fun. I’m glad you guys are enjoying the pictures!

  2. Oh these pictures remind me why I love Washington DC so much!!! The Vietnam memorial is one of the most moving memorials to me, along with the Korean!! Thanks for sharing!

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