4 thoughts on “Liam and Clara pictures, coming right up….”

  1. Very, very, sweet and adorable! We just wish we could hug and kiss them! Love, Papa and Grammie Girl Shinn

  2. Such BEAUTIUL children……aren’t we fortunate to have such sweet. healthy little ones!!!
    Getting frequent pictures, this way, is also another blessing!! Thank you soooo much for sharing so abundantly. I’m anxious to see your new studio….and I’m planning on a visit soon…..Betsy wants to come with me. Will let you know.
    Love & Hugs

  3. Love the new pictures – we waited a LONG time for these. However, I know you are busy with the new location, but those of us who are just sitting here waiting for the latest news and pictures find that the time between pictures is entirely too long. In any case, we love all you, the new pictures are sweet and thank you. We are anxious to see the “new” shop. You know, of course, that we are kidding, but we love it when the Internet supplies us with our entertainment for the day, that lovely time when the pictures appear. Grandma Mitzi. Andrew: I found a leather photograph album in among some stuff and it contains old postcards of the Reedley of yesteryear. Remind me to give that to you next time you are here. It belonged to my parents (your great grandparents).

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