Clara’s One-Week Pictures

Clara is opening her eyes a little more these days. We took today (mostly) off work to spend time together as a family. We did, however, spend a little time in the studio making Clara’s one-week portraits. I’m happy to report that she, like her brother before her, does very well in front of the camera. Enjoy her first official portraits!
With love and pride,
Andrew + Lisa

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3 thoughts on “Clara’s One-Week Pictures

  1. Grandma Mitzi says:

    Oh My Goodness!!!! These pictures are so wonderful. How sweet and so sober is our little Clara Marie. These are all treasures, and my absolute favorite is the one with Liam smiling at his little sister. You have captured all the joy and excitement that Liam is feeling about this whole idea of being a big brother. LOVE IT ALL.
    Also love the final picture with Liam and Lisa Marie. BEAUTIFUL !!!!

    Thank you , thank you, thank you. Mitzi and Papa

    Mitzi: I have to confess that Liam’s adoring little expression is mostly a work of fiction. He’s coming around to like her, but it’s been a lot like thawing a Mennonite. He gave her his first kiss goodnight this evening, so we’re making progress. Before he refused to acknowledge her existence. And even in today’s pictures, he’s more excited about the fishy crackers we gave him. Oh, well, the fiction will yet become a reality!
    Love you,

  2. Aunt Rachel says:

    Wow, Andrew. Fantastic. (I assume it was you who took the pictures as Lisa appears in most of them.) These truly are beautiful and artful pictures. I particularly like the first of Liam and Clara together. Also, Liam’s NKOTB impression is awesome.

  3. Grandma Mitzi says:

    Andrew: Liam is certainly a good actor – the smile that came to my face at your explanation will last me all day. It reminds me of our Jonathan when his sister Rebecca was born and then came to live with us!!!!!! It was a while before he realized that she was there to stay. Thanks for the morning chuckle!!!!! Mitzi

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