20 thoughts on “Liam’s news

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for all three of you!

    Love to your family of 4 from our family of 3!


  2. Joanne Suess says:

    Congratulations to you!

    You will have fun as you welcome a brother or sister for Liam. This is so neat!!

    Joanne Suess

  3. Auntie Mare says:

    Congratulations!! We are very excited for your news and for this very fun time in your lives?..
    With Love,
    The VerHagens

  4. Amanda says:

    Yeah? although I think I need to meet Liam, but another little one can enter this world. 🙂 Congrats!

  5. Heather says:

    Yay! How exciting. This means that they?ll be about 2 years apart, right? That seems like a perfect gap! You know, from someone who has no idea 🙂

  6. Auntie Becky says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I am also very glad to hear the results of Liam?s tests. Keep us updated. Thanks.

    Love, Auntie Becky

  7. Brian Wiebe says:

    Hey Guys, thanks for sending the link to the blog. Andrew, I enjoyed what you wrote on 4/16 about social networking. I?m still in the stone age on that stuff, but?

    I had not heard anything about Liam being sick, so thanks for that update. I?ll pass it on to Beck.

    And of course – how exciting about the next one on the way! We?re thrilled for you.
    Brian for the wiebe family

  8. Rach says:

    In case y?all didn?t already know, we?re REALLY excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you four, y?all are such a blessing to us.

    The Obergs

  9. Ricky and Sarah says:

    Congratulations! Can?t wait to meet the newest member of the Shinn family! Love you, Ricky, Sarah, & Coda 🙂

  10. Nate and Ruth says:

    Hello Shinn family! We are so very excited for your new addition to the family! We love you!
    Nate and Ruth

  11. Patty Franz says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Lisa, you have great restraint with all of our conversations lately about having babies. What great timing and how lucky Liam is to be having a sibling! You go, girl! Or boy!

  12. Anita says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Liam is a beautiful child ? it?s been fun to watch him ?grow up? on your website. We?ll look forward to seeing baby #2 online, too. And, one of these days, we?ll see all of you in person!

  13. Mary Grace Wetmore says:

    Well, well!!!! We just this minute returned from our ten day trip to Oregon to receive the happy news from Reedley. I am so grateful for Liam?s good health. He has been the subject of many prayers from this great grandma and grandpa. We also welcome the wonderful news of Liam?s new brother or sister!!!! Having babies is an art (Ha) and you two have mastered all the fine points and now we will all be blessed with the 2nd addition to your family and our 3rd great grandchild. God has blessed you richly!!! Love and Blessings on all of you. Grandma Mitzi and Papa.

  14. Sarah & Ole says:

    Wow! That?s such fantastic news! Many congratulations to you all. We hope things go well these next few months.
    Sarah & Ole

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