Hijacked primaries?

This post is courtesy of Jon Shinn. The experience was his, and the letter below was sent to the National Voter Protection Center and the LA County Registrar of Voters. As an educated, influential bunch, I trust that all you Shinnfans will be aware of such cases, raise a stink with your registrars of voters, and try to keep our representative democracy on track. Please help raise awareness of this issue and take action! From Jon:

I feel very passionately about my right and duty to vote. In the weeks leading up to the election, I confirmed via phone (LA County Registrar of Voters), internet (www.lavote.net), and by way of receipt of a voter registration card received in the mail (voter ID ******708) that I was, in fact registered to vote. I verified my polling place via the same methods mentioned above. Upon appearing at my polling place, I was notified that I was not on the roster, and would need to fill out a provisional ballot. I have been left feeling disenfranchised and like my vote does not matter for tonight’s returns. The same was true for my wife. We are both registered as “Decline to State” voters (i.e. independents), and both of our votes were for Barack Obama. We are extremely upset, and feel that if we, as conscientious, meticulous, highly educated, highly aware voters were left out of the process, it stands to reason that there were many others who were excluded as well. The precinct worker mentioned that ours was the “story of the day.” This does NOT inspire confidence in our voting process. A confirmation or acknowledgment of this message would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely and Regretfully,
Jonathan Shinn
Long Beach, California

Did you have this same experience? Know someone who did? Want to suggest a course of action we can all take? Sound off in the comments.

Ed. note: The exact same scenario played out for Rachel Shinn, Ricky Newton, and Sarah Newton. 

3 thoughts on “Hijacked primaries?”

  1. If you didn’t expect Jon and Rachel to vote for Obama, then you clearly don’t know Jon and Rachel very well. To tell you the truth, Obama looks like a pretty attractive candidate to me, too. I’m still undecided. Can you pray for me, as well?

  2. a.) Very courageous of you to post an attack on my choice of candidate without your real name. Big man/woman, don’t hide behind a secret identity. Reveal yourself.
    b.) We are both registered as “decline to state” voters (i.e. no party affiliation). This is a purposeful move, but one that restricts in which primaries we may vote. Only the Democratic & American Independent Parties allow “decline to staters” to fill out a ballot for their party. Republicans, foolishly, do not allow it.

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