Google solves another problem!

We had a pet problem today.  One of the cats (Max, no doubt) took it upon himself to urinate on our down comforter.  Bad kitty.  Then Maggie (our sweet, adorable but sometimes misguided puppy) smelled the cat urine and decided to add her own unique scent.  Now we have a pee-soaked comforter and I have a very upset wife on my hands.  What do I do?  Turn to Google, of course.

I searched for “How do I remove dog urine from a down comforter?”  I could hear sobs emanating from the back room.  The first result I clicked on was a bulletin board discussing pet urine problems. I searched within that page for the words ‘down comforter.’  The post I read was by a lady recommending a product called Just Rite, and she claimed it is made by a guy named Bill, who often answers the company’s phone himself.  I surfed on over to and searched frantically down the page for a phone number.  The crying in the back room was reaching a fever pitch.  I quickly called the number, which had an Illinois prefix.  Sure enough, Bill answered after the first ring and gave me very specific advice about how to deal with dog urine on a down comforter.

A few minutes later, as I came inside from my trip to the garbage can, I explained to Lisa what Bill had told me.  Oddly, the certainty with which I found the information was comforting to her, as was my comment: “Hey, at least it’s not winter!”

Thanks, Google, and thanks Bill!

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